Property management can be a suitable option when you, as an owner, do not want to worry about renting out your property. When you are abroad, for example, or if you are an investor with several buildings. Management is a special discipline which many brokers happen to incorporate additionally, resulting in the client not receiving the best possible service. We have decided to cooperate with specialists in the market and work with two smaller agencies. Precisely because these agencies are not that big, their expertise is well-placed and clients are satisfied. Of course, you can also use our rental service if you are already working with another property manager.

What can you expect from a property manager?
Property management generally comprises financial, commercial and technical management.

Financial And Administrative Management

Collection and management of rents received and the clearance of any expenses incurred: this is all completely taken care of. Once every three months, you will receive a clear summary of expenses. We record non-payment or overdue payment of rent and provide assistance with debt collection measures, if necessary.

Technical Management

The manager is responsible for the inspection of your property in the event of rental modifications, and assists you, in consultation with yourself, in the event of any technical failures, and coordinates maintenance orders. As far as possible, we work with our permanent, reliable maintenance companies.

Commercial Management

If the rental is terminated, the property will be inspected by the manager. This involves an accurate check, to ensure the property has been left in good condition, using the inspection report drawn up at the check-in (transfer). If the property has not been left in accordance with the conditions detailed in this report, then the manager makes sure that the property is transferred in the appropriate condition, at the expense of the tenant. A new tenant can then move into the property. Of course, we will do our utmost to quickly find a reliable tenant for you.

Status check of the property:
the manager places on the agenda all its management contracts including their end date, and contacts the tenant in time in order to anticipate when the property will become available for lease again. This way, the chances of vacancy are limited, and we have ample time to find a reliable tenant for you.