It’s all about exposure.

This specifically applies to the current housing market in Amsterdam, where competition is fierce due to the large number of available properties. Amsterdam Rental Brokers is an active rental broker agency with a broad marketing strategy. Keep reading to find out more about our conditions and what we do to ensure we rent our your property quickly. Still have questions? Or would you like to make an appointment? Don’t hesitate to contact us by calling, or clicking the button below. We’d love to talk to you!

Registering on the internet

When you commission us to let your property in Amsterdam, we register your property on our own websites: and As the name suggests, our business unit, Expat Rentals, is mainly focused on the Amsterdam expat market. Our portfolio of tenants includes a large number of international companies and organisations. In addition to the aforementioned websites, we register your property at:, the biggest rental website for free sector rental in the Netherlands;, the biggest expat platform in the Netherlands; en, all large housing websites which are easy to find on the Internet.

Because we strive for an international market approach, and because our tenants are often non-Dutch nationals, properties are always registered with an English description. Because we have the most extensive Pararius subscription, this connection will create a link to the following housing websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In short, your online visibility is very high!


Good pictures make a difference. It is well-known among brokers that properties in Amsterdam, which are placed online accompanied by attractive pictures, are simply rented out more quickly. We are happy to create these pictures for you, but should you prefer to do this yourself as an owner, this is fine by us too. If you want to clearly distinguish yourself from the competition, then you can also opt for professional property photography. We are happy to provide you with information about the options.

Weekly Mailing

We provide a weekly mailing for the property market, featuring the current and the latest housing supply in Amsterdam. This mailing is sent to many hundreds of e-mail addresses of people who are currently or regularly looking for rental properties. The mailing is sent to our contacts at international companies, and to a great many people who have registered with us via telephone or the website, and who wish to be kept informed of our housing supply (these people are often urgently looking for a property). We also send a mailing to all rental brokers and agents in the region, enabling them to offer our properties in Amsterdam to their visitors. You can find out how this works in the next paragraph.

Co-Operation With Other Brokers

Over the years, we have built up an excellent working relationship with other rental brokers in the Amsterdam area. We value the co-operation with these agencies, as it enables us to rent out your property more quickly. In many cases, we are unable, as an intermediary, to fulfil the query of a potential tenant using our own database, being dependent on colleagues in the market who have the right supply. For a long time now, there has been a good co-operation between a number of fellow agencies in the market. We represent you as an owner, and they represent the renting party. This way, we aim at complete market coverage. After all, this co-operation precludes the need to register your property with other agencies to offer it for rent to their clients. We do this for you.

VVA Membership

The Amsterdam Association of Rental Brokers (Dutch abbreviation: VVA), is an association pursuing and promoting professionalisation of, and co-operation between, its affiliated members. The affiliated agencies all work with the same legally correct standard lease agreement and general terms and conditions. In addition, the association takes disciplinary action when complaints are filed against its members, and, if necessary, it can receive excellent legal assistance due to its co-operation with a top law firm. In short, our VVA membership guarantees that you, as a client, are provided with a high-quality and professional service. For more information on the VVA we are happy to refer you to the website:

Vetting Tenants

Letting out a property may seem easy, but it is often underestimated. The lease is usually legally complicated, for example, and because of the compelling tenancy law, it is often less straightforward than an owner may initially think. It is therefore important to obtain sound advice. We do our utmost to inform and advise you as well as possible of the possibilities in your specific situation, and we actively keep our property owners abreast of developments in the rental market.

Problems can often be prevented by checking the background of a tenant. We always do this and potential tenants are asked to submit their passport and employer statement, or other documents pertaining to their income, before we proceed to drafting the lease agreement. We actively check these documents, and when in doubt, we will advise discontinuing dealings with a prospective tenant.

Lease Agreement, Payment And Key Transfer

Once negotiations are finished and the background checking of a tenant has been completed, we draft the lease agreement. This is then sent for approval to both parties. If the parties agree, the tenant is invoiced for the rent and a deposit. Once payment of these monies has been made, key transfer will take place. This way, you can be sure that the tenant has fulfilled their obligations at the moment the lease officially starts. During key transfer, also known as check-in, we draft an inspection report of the property which is to be signed by the tenant and the property owner. This report contains a detailed description of the condition of maintenance at the start of the lease agreement, including the meter readings. To support this, we create an extensive photo report of the property and its inventory, preventing any future disagreement about the state of the property at the time of transfer. At the end of the lease period, we shall be present at the scene in order to perform the check-out, and, if necessary, assist you in the calculation of water and energy use.