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Are you going to live abroad for a couple of years, and do you wish to keep your current property in Amsterdam? Do you want to sell a property, but progress is slow due to the current selling market? Or do you own properties in Amsterdam that you let out as an investment? Then you have come to the right place.

Letting to expats.

International companies often are hiring professionals. These professionals look for temporarily furnished or unfurnished apartments.

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Renting with vacancy law.

Is your apartment for sale while you already moved to a new address? Dutch law "leegstandswet" is a good solution to your problem.

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Renting out temporarily.

Closing a temporarily renting agreement with the assurance that the tenant will move out after the contract ends?

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Renting out with Amsterdam Rental Brokers.

A full-service real estate agency with a pro-active market approach.

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It’s all about exposure.

This certainly applies to the current housing market in Amsterdam, where there is a great deal of competition due to the large housing supply. We are an active rental broker using a broad marketing strategy.

Good pictures make a difference.

Good pictures make a difference. It is well-known among brokers that properties in Amsterdam, which are placed online accompanied by attractive pictures, are simply rented out more quickly.

Vetting Tenants.

Problems can often be prevented by checking the background of a tenant. Potential tenants are asked to submit their passport and employer statement, and other documents pertaining to their income, before we proceed.

Co-Operation With Other Brokers.

Over the years, we have built up an excellent working relationship with other rental brokers in the Amsterdam area. We value the co-operation with these agencies, as it enables us to rent out your property more quickly.

We rent to several international companies:

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Indeed, as easy as that!

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